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Founded August 1, 2001, Genius Kids opened its first classroom in the Ardenwood Campus in Fremont, California with only 2 students under the guidance, passion & vision of the founder Rennu Dhillon. A pharmacist by education, with a Doctorate in Natural Sciences, and numerous specializations in Pubic Speaking, Etiqueet, Grooming & Learning Disabilities, Dhillon has spent several years training adults, marketing & recruiting. She was astounded at the lack of confidence & communication skills in candidates she would send for interviews. "On paper they had all the skills needed, but when it came to conducting a 1-1 interview or using interpersonal skills, it was shocking to see the lack of self-confidence", expressed Dhillon.


A brilliant academic student herself, Dhillon was raised in Kenya and United Kingdom, where focus is placed on early education. “I was shocked to see that formal education in the United States begins at age 5, & found the American elementary education not very challenging. I was introduced to drama, theatre & public speaking to me when I was 3 years old.” From her experience of struggling to find preschools that would give her own two daughters the strong foundation & education she had received herself, she felt there was a void in the preschools & after school programs for a well-rounded educational curriculum which would offer leadership development combined with fun academics.

She began to develop her own advanced learning programs, incorporating speech & public speaking into every aspect of learning. Early readers as young as 2 years 3 months old began to emerge, & soon Genius Kids students were winning competitions locally & nationally, along with being recognized for their well-rounded personalities. Word spread quickly and today (2016) Genius Kids boasts 28 campuses and growing.

In 2011, Genius Kids became a national and global franchise known which offers viable solutions to entrepreneurs seeking to venture into their own educational business models. Genius Kids centers offer the same curriculum consistent with what has been developed by Ms. Rennu through an online portal.

Rennu expressed. "1 am committed to take early education to the next level where every parent & educator realizes the importance of a well-balanced curriculum to ensure no child is left behind. After all, children are like sponges, absorbing everything they hear, see & do, if they are exposed during the window of opportunities between ages 0-6 years old!"

Dhillon is in the process of developing specific interactive programs for children with mild learning disabilities, to include Dyslexia, Autism, and ADD & ADHD. "The interactivity & simplicity of how we teach is perfect for struggling learners, and I have already seen phenomenal results with so many students." smiles Dhillon with pride and confidence at her award winning curriculum. More information on the Genius Kids franchise can be obtained by calling 510-364-4033.

Dhillon has conceptualized and developed over 3,000 learning recipes for all ages and every day thousands of children all around the world benefit from her passion and dedication to developing Future Leaders! Rennu has won several global, national and local awards and been featured on many TV networks and programs as an expert in Early Education and Public Speaking. She can be heard every week on Saturday on the local radio channel KLOK 1170 AM from 11 am to 12 noon hosting Genius Kids On Air Radio Show - www.klok1170am.com.

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