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Genius Kids objectives are simple and attainable:

  • To be the best and nothing less.
  • To provide high quality, exceptional, early educational learning opportunities that are supported by enhanced state of the art technology, award winning creative curriculum and support.
  • To foster the child’s potential in the cognitive, fine and gross motor, adaptive, social, emotional and communication areas.
  • To promote a child’s independence, self-determination and self-advocacy skills.
  • To challenge our students to stretch beyond their own imagination and growth.
  • To have each family and student feel directly connected and appreciated.
  • To invigorate each classroom environment by offering personalized attention to our students.
  • To continually invest and train our staff and franchisees to teach effectively and passionately
  • To become an integral part of the community and increase the awareness for early & continuing education.
  • To develop public speaking, communication and confidence right from their early years building the foundation of success and instilling critical life skills whilst developing their own unique personalities.
  • To strive for success working smart and become the best in early enrichment education for children.
Our Mission is to inspire every student to Think, Lead & Communicate, resulting in greater self-esteem, confidence & performance to learn, achieve & care.

Our Vision is Tender Loving Care to Think, Lead & Communicate, the goal is to provide high standards of educatio in creative, fun classrooms and dedicate our unique accelerated learning methods and curriculum to develop Leaders of Tomorrow with TLC to TLC - Tender Loving Care to Think, Lead & Communicate.

We believe that every child has the right to a high quality education and when children are surrounded by curious and creative adults engaging in challenging, interesting activities, their own inner genius is sparked into action.

Our Classrooms are decorated and endorsed with creativity, love and high-energy instructors in a relaxed atmosphere, free from criticism, comparison and pressure. Each child is made to feel special and unique, capable of doing wonderful things in the world. We diregard the standard meanign of I.Q. or genius, and instead using models based on the theory of multiple intelligences, we ensure that every child in our center will succeed in their own terms.

Every Genius Kids center is staffed by highly trained and skilled teachers dedicated to helping each child reach their maximum potential. To ensure these results are met, our franchisees and managers are required to attend a 10-day rigorous hands-on training at our Fremont corporate office. We interview and select highly competent teachers and care staff, checking references, conducting thorough back ground checks based on state and local licensing requirements. This includes finger printing and appropriate criminal background checks as well as verification of educational credentials. 
We do all this to protect the most valuable part of our business – your child!
Each of our day care centers catering to ages 2-6 are licensed by the state where it operates, adhering to the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness, education and loving care. Our teachers at all our day-care centers are: state certified, meeting all state child-care requirements, trained in-depth on children milestones and Genius Kids philosophies and curriculum, receiving ongoing training throughout their career at Genius Kids.
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