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If you have landed on this page, it means you already have the entrepreneurial spirit to own your own business. Genius Kids has been franchising since 2011, and we are expanding rapidly. By the end of 2016 we are scheduled to have at least 31 centers in the Bay Area and growing rapidly.We have a proven 4-step process which eventually will answer all your questions like: what’s it like to run a Genius Kids business, how much will I need to invest and what happens in a Genius Kids center.

  1. An introductory conversation – Getting to know each other.
    Genius Kids strives on relationships and that starts by getting to know you. The first step is a conversation with a Genius Kids representative so that we can introduce ourselves to one another. We’re interested in your background, your goals and your experience. We can then focus our subsequent conversations to provide you with the information you need about Genius Kids. At this stage you will be required to submit a no obligation confidential questionnaire providing us with your financials. No appointments or discussions are conducted for any incomplete applications.
  2. Explaining our purpose, mission and programs.
    Given mutual interest, our next step is a presentation where we will provide you information about the purpose and mission of Genius Kids and give you an overview of our program portfolio. We also will tour one of our centers so you understand not only how we deliver our programs, but also why we use multimedia technology in our classrooms. During this interview you will also present your qualifications (and those of your partners, if applicable) to Genius Kids.
  3. Franchise Agreement review – Explaining the business in contractual terms.
    We will provide you with a disclosure document which includes financial information and business models, as well as the Franchise Agreement which contains the terms and conditions that apply to your franchise. You will want to review these documents in detail and we will have conversations to answer any questions that you may have. This is part of your preparation for considering purchasing a franchise. We recommend you spend at least 14 days reviewing the materials.
  4. Franchise Purchase
    Now that you will be ready, we will then proceed to execute a franchise agreement and complete the necessary formalities. It is only after a franchise agreement is executed will we begin to solicit and spent time with you to find and seek suitable locations. Locations and allocated and approved on a first come basis to qualified franchisees only in the order of their area of presence and the date they purchased their franchise. We will NOT discuss locations or conduct prelease agreements with prospects.

For more information on franchising please email rennud@gmail.com or call 510-364-4033.

Genius Kids is a registered franchise with the Department of Business Oversight, California and adhere to the regulations and procedures.

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