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Enjoy & Embrace Your Child Every Day

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Posted on Apr, 11 2020 by Rennu Dhillon

 I write this blog the same day that everyone is grieving the sudden and tragic death of the sports legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Bryant (only 13) in the tragic helicopter crash. I write this blog not as a sports fan because for those who know me, I am clueless about sports, but simply as someone who continues to witness so many tragic incidences every day proving that life is so unpredictable.

In this fast-paced life, we spend our time either thinking about the past or wondering what is going to happen tomorrow, and completely forget to live for today. We raise our kids planning for the future and forget to enjoy the precious minutes that go by every minute.

We spend time utilizing negative energies over trivial matters and our children witness everything we say and do, all our dramas and issues at work, family and friends. We forget the importance of forgiving and forgetting but instead hold on to anger for years.

Life is so unpredictable, and we never know what is going to strike us or lose someone close to us within the next second, minute, hour, day or week. The last 6 weeks has been very difficult to have lost la oved one and  witness friends lose their loved ones suddenly. It is only when we experience such tragic events, we wish we could turn the clock back and say the last word(s) we wanted to say or do the things we had planned to do.

It is important that as parents we enjoy our children today. We should appreciate them for who they are and not try and make them someone else. Remember, one moment things are going okay and the next moment your whole world could turn upside down and you will not be able to turn that clock back or blink and wish that had not happened. Teach your children to be strong and believe in themselves.
Spend time with them without your cell phones or distractions. Tell them every day, couple of times a day how much you love them.

Believe it or not, life is really simple, and it is us humans that choose to make it complicated. Do not dwell in the past or worry about the future but live for every moment today.  Teach your children not to fear life, obstacles or challenges, but simply understand your life and enjoy it by doing things that give you pleasure. Find yourself within yourself and try and be better than yourself and not someone else.

Here are some simple reminders for all parents:
1. The world is not perfect, and neither are you, so your kids cannot be perfect either.
2. Life is unpredictable, that is normal so learn to accept life’s challenges
3. Embrace everything little success, yours or your child, as the biggest achievement ever.
4. Look at your glass as half full and not half empty and stop craving for what others may have that you may not including comparing your children to their cousins, relatives and friends’ achievements.
5. Tell your child and loved ones that you love them every single day – with words and not text messages.

Most importantly, embrace every day as gift because it is!