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Etiquette Is More Important Than Just Good Grades

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Posted on Apr, 11 2020 by Rennu Dhillon

What is the point of having the best grades if we lack basic etiquette and manners? Having good manners is an asset you carry with you your whole life.

Many parents think good manners is restricted to simply saying “thank you”, “please”, “shaking hands”. Manners and good etiquette go a lot more beyond simply these phrases. Having good manners and etiquette results in self-respect for yourself and others. Having good manners helps develop critical life skills such as compassion and kindness, which all add up to developing leadership skills. Good manners involve how you look and feel, from your haircut, your nails to how you dress. Imagine showing up to a job interview for a teacher wearing sandals and no makeup? My initial impression of hiring anyone for our schools begins with how they dress for the interview.

By demonstrating good manners, these add up along the way not only when you are growing up but in adulthood as well. Although no-one is perfect, imagine how much better this world would be if all of us were to exhibit good manners.

Manners can be taught from as young as 8 months old when the little ones begin to copy sounds. Simple exercises of teaching thank you and please, when appropriate, go a long way. As parents continue to model good behavior, the child will ultimately absorb the same. Remember, your child absorbs your energy and behavior.

Having good manners will suggest gratitude rather than entitlement. By exhibiting good manners you will stand out amongst a crowd and possibly land that dream job simply because you demonstrated better manners than a more qualified candidate who interviewed with you.

In your life journey you will meet hundreds of people and you only have a few seconds to make that good impression. Meetings maybe brief and superficial but the one with the best manners, the real smile and the clean demeanor will be remembered.

At the end of the day, your children are a reflection of us, the parents who remain the primary educator throughout their life so model that behavior so they can learn the same. Good manners will open avenues that education may not.