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Happy Mother's Day

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Posted on May, 08 2021 by Rennu Dhillon

In the dictionary a mother is defined as the female parent of a child(ren). Mom, Mother, Mamma, Ammi, Madre (Italian), Maji (Hindi), Mati (Ukrainian), Fu (Hungarian), Ana (Turkish), the list is endless and there maybe  a million different ways to refer to your mother, we each have our own special one.
I dedicate this to all mothers who come in all shapes and sizes and even genders because the definition of a mother is very difficult to define in a few words. We have the biological mother, then the foster mother, the step-mother, the single mother, the single father, the grandparent, the godmother.. so anyone that plays this role of the caregiver, this short blog is for you.

We all know the mother’s role is probably the most underestimated and unappreciated and the only job in the world that has no monetary compensation. Mothers are the caregivers with the unconditional love, the rock of the family switching multiple roles every minute of the day to meet the endless demands of the family. They are the housekeeper, the cook, the cleaner, the laundromat, the baker, the driver, the psychologist, the doctor, the nurse, the one we all get to hurt the most and rarely apologize to.

Mothers will love unconditionally through thick or thin, they are the wall you lean on for  your good and bad days. Wiping away your tears, they reach out to take the load of you whether it is your backpack in kindergarten or your troubles in adulthood. Their hugs and cuddles have no punctuation and are like roll on sentences, shedding tears of joy and sorrow for everyone but themselves. They are the superhero that cook your meals, deal with your anger and tantrums, multitasking through everyone’s demands all day long. Your mama is the same one that drops you to school in their sweats with no makeup, and within minutes leads their company to success looking as confident as ever. They are the same mom who you do not want to acknowledge when you are that snobby teenager, but they will dance and laugh with you as you play your favorite rock music, giving you the much-needed Tylenol in the middle of the night for your handover.  

Being a mother is not a definition in a dictionary because it is not possible to define the PTO mom, the sweatpants mom, the CEO mom, the baker mom, the psychologist mom, the taxi driver mom, the foster mom, the grandparent mom, into simply one sentence.

So do not wait for one day a year to celebrate your mother(s). Celebrate them every day in every way you can. Life is too short to wait until tomorrow to say I love you; I need you, you are my rock, my everything.
Life may come with a manual but that first word in your life manual starts with your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!