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Admission & Enrollment



We are thrilled you have elected to enroll at Genius Kids. Here are the steps required to complete enrollment for your lilttle genius. As a service and comvenience to parents, you must contact the respective center that you wish to enroll at since each center has its own specific forms as mandated by law.

1. Upon receipt of the forms, you print them, complete them and schedule a time to meet with the Center Director to complete the enrollment for your child. Licensed day care centers will require a recent physician clearance and immunization records. School age children will require additional forms for transportation.

2. Each center offers the same curriculum as per the franchsie requirement and must adhere to the offering of the programs. However, being individual franchises, each center may have their own set of policies pertaining to payment of tuition, operations and other operational requirements. It is imperative parents review the Handbook prior to enrollment.

3. Siblings each require their own independent enrollment forms and parent handbooks.
The sibling discount varies from 5-10% as per franchise center specific to them. There is no general sibling discount. A copy of the parents and any designated emergency pick up persons identification cards may also be requested.

4. A payment plan must be selected 1 week prior to the start date of your child. All tuition is paid via cash, check or online. The approved accounting systems used by franchises is Neat School and Bright Wheel. Each center has its own Federal Tax ID number for receipts which are also available online from the respective softwares used.

5. Any changes to payment plans, withdrawals or other pertaining information is always required in writing.

Any concerns with any centers, parents are welcome to write to the corporate center for verification at

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