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Genius Kids believes in the importance of ensuring that every single one of our students is successful and reaps the beneftis of our advanced learning. In order to ensure success, we know that many times children need reinforcement. Genius Kids has created some addiitonal resources and tools for families to access from the comforts of their own home.
Our homework site  is for existing students enrolled at Genius Kids to register and access lessons  and additional worksheets to practice at home.

In addition, Miss Rennu has a portal which is open to the general public, and very popular for the easy lessons that can be reviewed from home. The focus on her site is reading, vocabulary, painting, arts and crafts. and public speaking. These lessons are offered at addiitonal cost since this is not speciifc only to Genius Kids curriculum. Genius Kids parents may write to Miss Rennu at to get a small discount for some of the programs. Visit 

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