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Why Choose Genius Kids

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Why Choose Genius Kids?

We have over 36 locations throughout the Bay Area, and are in the process of expansion nationally. But that is not the only reason to select a Genius Kids center for your child.

First and foremost, our curriculum and programs are in-house and specific to Genius Kids. Developed and conceptualized by our founder, Rennu Dhillon, Genius Kids has been recognized worldwide as "the school that shapes tomorrow's citizens". Our founder if known for her passion in early education with a strong focus on public speaking, communication and confidence building. 

Our goals are simple and attainable:
1. To be the best and nothing less.
2. To provide exceptional care and educational opportunities to our students via our enhanced state of the art technology.
3. To foster every child's potential in the cognitive, fine and gross motor skills,apative, social, emotional and communication areas.
4. To promote each child's independence, self-determination and self-advocacy skills.
5. To challenge our students to stretch beyond their own imagination and growth.
6. To offer invigorating classroom environments with personalized care and attention.

We achive this by continually reinvesting in new programs, and our staff and franchisees. During the shelter-in-place, our founder launched a virtual academy in less than 1 week to offer continued education to families in the comforts of their own home. Genius Kids is a household name actively participating in several community events and has become an integral part of the local communtiy. Our franchisees are constantly giving back to their local communities and family.

7. We continue to be the leaders in public speakig, communication and confidence building with outstanding in-house award winning programs.
Our goal is to strive for success and teach our students to work smart and become the best they can be.

Our Mission is to inspire every student to Think, Lead & Communicate, resulting in greater self-esteem, confidence & performance to learn, achieve & care.

We do all this to protect the most valuable part of our business – your child!

Each center is licensed for differemt age groups. We cater to ages 0-12 adhering to the highest standards of safety, security, cleanliness, education and loving care. Our teachers at all our day-care centers are: state certified, meeting all state child-care requirements, trained in-depth on children milestones and Genius Kids philosophies and curriculum, receiving ongoing training throughout their career at Genius Kids.

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