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Thank you for your interest in Genius Kids. If you are seeking a campus closest to you, please complete Find A Center, on the home page or email info@geniuskidsonline.com, and we will forward your inquiry to the nearest center.

Corporate Office

Genius Kids Inc., 3645 Mowry Avenue, Fremont CA 94538
Tel: 510-713-2431/510-896-8764
Email: info@geniuskidsonline.com

Franchise & Corporate Inquiries:

Rennu Dhillon - President & Founder
Email: rennud@gmail.com
Tel: 510-364-4033

Shana Dhillon - Vice President
Email: shana.geniuskids@gmail.com
Tel: 510-713-2431

Simrat Sahota - Executive Admin.
Email: noni@geniuskidsonline.com
Tel: 510-896-8764

Careers, Enrollments & Vendor Packages:

Sheena Dhillon
Email: sheena@geniuskidsonline.com
Tel: 510-713-2431


Baldish Gill - Director of Finance
Email: info@geniuskidsonline.com
Tel: 510-713-2431

Media Relations, Press & Vendor Programs

Email: info@geniuskidsonline.com
Tel: 510-713-243

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