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Early Preschool

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Early Preschool

Our Early Preschool Program is for the emerging toddler turning preschool (agesn 2.7 and above) who is almost potty trained or potty trained, and for the first time preschooler ages 3+. This program focuses on developing unique personalities within each child, awakening their inner, natural genius. Our focus in this class is to master phonics, early reading, fluency in speaking, mathematical concepts and numbers, develop a love for story-time, hand coordination with tracing and motor skill development through multi-sensory activities, creative thinking and general knowledge, independence to work, play, share and express effectively with others.

Speaking with a microphone on stage is a daily routine where students overcome the fear of public speaking & develop confidence & personality. Parents can view and enjoy the video recordings of their children, participating in their feedback and progress as we develop Future Leaders!


  • 2  – 3.7+ years
  • No parent participation
  • Potty training available for FT students. Pull-ups accepted for PT students
  • PT and FT programs available
  • No academic evaluation required for entrance into Preschool

It is crucial as parents that you understand & identify your child's unique learning style in order for them to excel in school. Unlike traditional educational approaches, Genius Kids has taken into account the 3 main learning styles (visual, auditory & kinesthetic and incorporated this into our learning recipes to ensure success for every single child in our centers. Just like gourmet recipes are cooked & offered on an a la carte menu, our curriculum takes into consideration the needs of each child.

At Genius Kids, we know that children discover through the value of learning and hands on activities. Our daily themes of music, manners, phonics, early reading with Miss Rennu´s Reading, Math & Science Recipes, language, story time, drama, public speaking, humor & art/crafts is all centered around simple visual instruction, packed with fun learning exercises. Our multimedia interactive teaching methodology & large stage allows student to develop their eye/motor skills, developing confidence, self esteem& public speaking. Each child is treated as an individual & praised for their daily efforts. This program has already graduated several hundred students on lifelong journeys where they are each bringing their own unique Genius qualities to life. Our extended care enrichment programs for FT students include our in-house lego, playdough, social and public speaking programs, as well as vendors offering classes for yoga and dance.

At Genius Kids, every child is considered a genius. The lessons are engaging and fun where kids cannot wait to answer questions, engage in experiments, come onto the stage & speak, without fear of error. The lessons include comedy, laughter, hands on activities & something different every few minutes. The consistency in style helps students master & retain 90% of what is being taught. Kids spent most of their time speaking on microphones engaging in public speaking and communication exercises.

Timings of each class varies depending on the location. Preschool programs are offered at several campuses - Fremont, San Jose, Milpitas, Morgan Hill, Palo Alto, Union City, Hayward, Dublin, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Tracy, Brentwood, Baypoint and Rancho Cordova.

Contact for more information or call 510-713-2431.