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Homework Club
Grades 4-8

The Homework Help Hub caters to our students in the 4 th - 8 th grade.

This is strictly for homework help where students come from school for after care to complete their school homework assignments. The homework is supervised, checked and assistance is offered to students for homework and ideas on projects/presentations.

Parents are to provide all necessary material for any projects worked on at Genius Kids. Upon completion of homework, students are assigned to reading, book reports, and educational board games. Parents are recommended to review homework assignments upon reaching home with their children to ensure all homework assignments have been completed. Homework Help Club does not offer one on one attention.
The program is structured as a group study. Additional practice worksheets and independent study are available as additional add-ons.

The weekday after school hours of 3 to 6 p.m. represents an enormous challenge for children in the United States. More than 70% of children have parents who work outside of the home, leaving 15 million youth unsupervised by adults when school is out. This means that they are 3 times more likely for them to engage in violent crimes, drug use, alcohol & other inappropriate, illegal activities. In addition, the recent budget cuts in schools have resulted in an overload of students in classrooms, & many of the sports, music, public speaking & heritage cultural programs being eliminated & cancelled. This is why it is critical to ensure your child is receiving the necessary additional academic assistance and engaging enrichment activities to continue to develop their mental and physical health, & overall performance.

Genius Kids HHH (Homework Help Hub) programs a safe study hub. Our results clearly show that students who attend our programs gain social & academic skills, show improvements in self-esteem, learn respect towards their peers, school & community through daily interaction with positive role models. Our students show marked improvement in test scores, many of them skipping grades and winning several local and national competitions.

During the enrollment process, the admissions director will assist you in the selection of the most suitable program for your child..Genius Kids offers half-day & full-day programs at various campuses. Timings of each class varies depending on the location and are offered at most centers that offer After School care.

Contact for more information call 510-713-2431.