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Public Speaking & Etiquette

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Public Speaking and Etiquette Programs

Miss Rennu is a great believer in the importance of developing communication, confidence and public speaking skills in children of all ages. If a child is enrolled at Genius Kids they receieve the benefit of the these programs as part of their daily curriculum. After School students must be enrolled to attend Thursdays and Fridays to receive these benefits. For students who are unable to attend or do not live close by a Genius Kids or in state where Genius Kids has not opened, you can still access these wonderful programs by subscribing to the online virtual academy at

Win With Words is the award winning curriculum for the public speaking course.The Win With Words Public Speaking curriculum has been written, conceptualized and designed by Rennu Dhillon. Learn more about her passion, dedicaton and awards she has received for her commitment to education. at our media page. Dhillon is a professional emcee, TV & Radio host, producer and director. She has produced shows worldwide and is known for "capturing her audience" which her natural sense of humor and eloquency in public speaking. The curriciulum referred to as "Miss Rennu's Recipes" have been personally written and narrated by her. She was recently invited to be a speaker at the House of Lords in London, United Kingdom.

Win With Words offers  unique and fun-filled  public speaking & drama programs to help children and young adults develop critical life skills in:
* Confidence  * Communication  * Public Speaking  * Leadership  *Self-esteem  * Leadership  * Teamwork.

The learning lessons referred to as TLC Recipes (Think, Lead & Communicate) are churning out confident, creative thinkers and speakers. Students develop the joy in speaking effectively, develop better vocabulary, creative thinking skills, and readily jump to the stage to "grab the microphone" and share their views with no inhibitions. Using public speaking effectively allows anyone  to make a difference in their lives,the community and perhaps even the world. By teaching children these important life skills now, you are setting them up for success.

The Etiquette course if offered online at the virtual academy, an independent company conceptualized and managed by Sheena Dhillon, Miss Rennu's daughter.