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Terrific Toddlers

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Terrific Toddlers

Our Terrific Twos Program focuses on developing unique personalities within each child, awakening their inner, natural genius. Our focus in this class is to master phonics, early reading, fluency in speaking, mathematical concepts and numbers, develop a love for story-time, hand coordination with tracing and motor skill development through multi-sensory activities, creative thinking and general knowledge, independence to work, play, share and express effectively with others.

Speaking with a microphone on stage is a daily routine where students overcome the fear of public speaking develop confidence & personality. Parents can view and enjoy the video recordings of their children, participating in their feedback and progress as we develop Future Leaders!


  • No parent participation
  • 15 months - 36 months 
  • Pull-ups acceptable for PT enrollments (potty trainining for FT students only)
  • Part Time and Full Time programs available at certain centers 

Science has proven that the earlier you expose your child to a stimulating, fun environment filled with music, sounds, images, color & activities, the more engaged they will be; developing their multi-sensory & motor skills, focus, concentration & most importantly communication. Miss Rennu’s Baby Genius Recipes are highly interactive, developed to entertain children with colors, images & sounds, whilst developing their visual, auditory & physical learning styles.

Toddlers learn at a remarkable rate. By exposing your infant and toddler at an early age to phonics, reading, language, music & motor activities, they will increase the rate & development of the neural pathways i.e. the wiring of the brain circuits. The brain operates on a use it or lose it principle. Our fun learning recipes exposes your baby  to social skills, music, poetry, phonics & vocabulary, hands on motor development activities, circle time, art/crafts, more music & singing in an interactive setting. Our concept Never 2 Little 2 Learn has been proven to work with our youngest readers developing as early as 2.3 years old.

Using the zig-zag methodology, which is where students will have a new activity every 15 minutes, the children will enjoy music, learn songs through finger play & actions, develop motor skills through dance & rhythm, learn sounds through phonetic & word picture association, laugh & giggle, listening to stories presented with puppets, & explore puzzle configurations. They play with tons of toys, puzzles & blocks, exploring ways to learn, laugh & learn more.

Children will learn phonetic sounds by seeing the letter, hearing the sounds & images associated with the sounds, followed by an activity related to the sound or word. Science has proven that this multi-sensory approach develops the synaptic connections in the brain, teaching important language skills during the child’s natural window of opportunity – ages 0-3 years old. It has been proven that providing a colorful, stimulating environment to your child will engage & motivate them to learn better.

Timings of each class varies depending on the location. Infant & Toddler programs are offered at certain locations only licensed for that age group - Fremont Mowry, Fremont Charter, Fremont Technology, Morgan Hill, San Jose Berryessa, Pleasanton Hacienda, Dublin Blvd, San Ramon Blvd, Tracy, Brentwood, Baypoint and Rancho Cordova.

Contact more information or call 510-713-2431.