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Virtual Learning

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All Genius Kids campuses, we are offering exciting, fun, virtual learning programs for all ages from 2-12. Our programs have been designed to create a fun, enagaging experience between the instructors and the students. Children are all missing the social and congnitive development with their friends and it is important as educators that we continue to focus on developing these critical skills.
For Preschool abes 2-4+ our lessons include phonics, reading, music, story-time and public speaking. Worksheets are downloaded for the parents as an optional activity.

For PreK and TK  the lessons focus on developing their reading fluency, math and comprehension to prepare for entrance into Kindergarten. Worksheets are completed during class time and at home.

For Grades 1-8, we have a different subject daily. The class begins with ice-breakers, followed by the subject in session. Strong focus on class engagement and communication. Subjects include Math, Critcal Thinking Skills, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Vocabulary, Public Speaking and Future CEO's (Business Class to introduce students to the concepts of business).

Each campus offers various choices of timings. Contact the campus closest to you for details. Visit Find a Campus to locate a campus close to you or email:
Our virutal classes will be ongoing as through summer and next school year.