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At Genius Kids we understand that selecting a program for your lil’ genius can be very stressful and overwhelming. After all, you want the best and we want to offer you the best.

A child’s first day (especially for ages 0-6) can be exciting but difficult. Our programs are not parent participating programs since our trained staff are there to make this transition easy for you. 

How do we make this simple and easy for you? It’s called TEAMWORK – between you and us.
  1. Upon enrollment you will receive a welcome package specific to the program your child is enrolled in to advise you what you need to send. Please make sure you review all the instructions and provide us all the items we need. Labelling your belongings are critical especially food, clothing, bedding and bags.
  2. We encourage parents to invest in a large Tupperware to place the belongings. Please do not use plastics bags or garbage bags which are not safe. 
  3. All centers require a sign in and sign out procedure through the Neat School portal, a wonderful program we have partnered with. This ensure safety for your child. You will receive notifications every time your child is signed in and out, by people you have instructed. Generally children ages 0-5 never leave our campus once they are checked in. School age kids may have field trips during summer of which you would have authorized the trip in advance. We do NOT believe in surprises!
  4. At the time of your tour, you would have toured the classroom that you child would be placed in, and more likely met with the instructor(s) – depending on their schedule of course. 
  5. Each child (ages 0-5) will have a personal cubby to keep their personal belongings. 
  6. Most centers have a parent message board in the front lobby where important messages are posted. In addition, we post regular updates and communicate via the Neat School messaging board and emails.
  7. We host and support many events during the year and we encourage parents to review all the emails they receive since that is the best way to communicate in today’s world.
  8. Academic and developmental progress reports are sent every 4 months to parents, and teacher-parent conferences are scheduled after the receipt of the report. We discourage discussions about students at the time of pickup and drop off to maintain confidentiality.
  9. We believe that developing a child is teamwork between you and us, and we take plenty of photos and videos, sharing these with you via email and on the Kaymbu APP.
  10. We are transparent in our policies and regulations and adhere to them strictly. We request that parents review the parent handbook and adhere to the same for a successful, productive relationship. It is important for business practices that no exceptions are asked for, since we treat our families equally.
We encourage all parents to register at our school homework portal http://www.mygeniuskid.com so that your child can access stories , lessons and worksheets to practice at home. Learning is most successful when genius kids will review what they have learned in class to reinforce learning concepts.
Homework is submitted once a month and we send video clips of the public speaking projects to the parents.
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