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What is Self Esteem - Part 1

Date Posted: June, 28 2016, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon DSc.
Categories: Self-Esteem
Self-esteem is the belief we have about ourselves, our own self perception of who we are and what we think of ourselves. What we think about ourselves and our belief in our capabilities will directly and indirectly influence our motivation, attitude, behavior, and our emotional and physical aspects of our life. It is therefore critical that we as parents ensure that we develop self-esteem in our children. [ read more ]

How To Self Esteem in Kids

Date Posted: June, 18 2016, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon DSc.
Categories: Building Confidence
 How to Prevent or Stop Bullying Other than the most commonly discussed issues of drinking alcohol and consuming drugs, one of the biggest safety issues in schools today is bullying. In some schools this has resulted in the concern for the students safety with police officers being placed on to enhance safety. Bullying can occur in many shapes and forms at school with all ages. [ read more ]