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Etiquette is More Important than Simply Good Grades

Date Posted: November, 11 2019, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon
Categories: Manners
 What is the point of having the best grades if we lack basic etiquette and manners? Having good manners is an asset you carry with you your whole life. Many parents think good manners is restricted to simply saying “thank you”, “please”, “shaking hands”. Manners and good etiquette go a lot more beyond simply these phrases. [ read more ]

Force Feeding Children Leads to Negative Consequences

Date Posted: November, 6 2019, Posted By: Rennu Dhillon
Categories: Nutrition
 As parents, most of us want the best for our kids especially when it comes to eating and being healthy. Our intentions to make sure our child(ren) finish their meals is associated of course with being worried that they are either not eating enough or not consuming the right foods or a balanced diet. Many a time, feeding time becomes a source of frustration instead of an enjoyable experience. [ read more ]