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Spring, Winter & Summer Camps

Genius Kids fully understands the importance of creating fun, stimulating, energetic spring, winter and summer camps for all ages. Our academic Summer & Spring camps are designed to bridge your child from one grade level to the next, reviewing & reinforcing what has been taught in school & preparing them for the following year. They learn study skills & the ability to enjoy learning, whilst having fun at the same time. Your child will be away from the distractions of TV/internet, stay out of trouble, & this will keep their "lazy brain" thinking & active. Reading, Writing, Comprehension & Creative Story Writing, Logic & Critical Thinking, Language & Grammar, Brain Building Exercises, Public Speaking & Art/Crafts Educational Science & Famous Literature Movies & Memory Games/Chess Club are viewed/played during the summer programs.

Our enrichment activities include an array of indoor & outdoor sports, arts and crafts, drama, public speaking, music & lots more. Kids squeal with laughter as they unleash their creative talents every day engaging in interactivity, telling jokes, watching movies & making friends.

Genius Kids offers parents a fun, exciting extended care program for students enrolled in either half-day or full –day school programs. Our extended care provides a safe, supervised environment that includes indoor play, outdoor play (some campuses), study time, & an enriched selection of classroom activities to include arts, crafts, public speaking, personality development, games and activities.

Our enrichment activities include a range of subjects where students can learn new skills, make new friends & engage in fun, stimulating programs. Listed below are some enriched activities that are available throughout the school year.

  • Sports (Baseball, Golf, Track, Soccer, Flag Football) – offered during summer camps)
  • Public Speaking
  • Speech and Debate
  • Leadership & Character Building
  • Heritage Club Language Learning Activities 
  • Drama and Acting
  • Book Clubs
  • Chess
  • Radio Broadcasting
  • Yoga & Fitness
  • Manners, Etiquette & Social Skills Development
During the enrollment process, the admissions director will assist you in the selection & customization of a unique extended care curricular for your child. Genius Kids offers half-day & full-day programs at various campuses. Timings of each class varies depending on the location. Contact info@geniuskidsonline.com for more information call 510-713-2431.
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