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"My husband and I, sincerely appreciate you and your wonderful staff for the care you have given our daughter, Alya. We will recommend your daycare to other parents as well."
- Alya Kalagara
(Parent Of Mridula Gundluru)
"Attention MMs Rennu(s) and rocking staff Ms Kimberly. I wanted to take a minute to write this much deserved referal. Chloe drastically improved her 3rd grade results scorecard last quarter and has reached the top range percentile in her school district - her improvement in Maths and Writing skills has been exponential and she greatly exceeded her school teacher expectations over the span of just a quarter of hard work after she started this program. This remarkable progression wouldn't have been possible without Chloe participating in your rich and well balanced after-school program. The passion, professionalism and dedication of your staff, in particular Ms Kimberly, are the enablers that make your Genius Kids thrive in an ever more competitive world. Despite her natural introversion, Chloe has become a lot more confident in relating to others, and your public-speaking program has had a transforming impact on her. We are grateful that she joined these sessions and we look forward to further remarkable progress !!! Best Regards - Chloe's parents Bea and Stephane"
- Chloe Le Frere
(Parent Of Stephane Le Frere)
"Please continue to arrange more yoga classes or the children. Last week I shouted at her for her behavior ,then later I apologized for shouting as it was not her fault , I was stressed out. You know What she said, “Thats all right, it happens, Mumma. You have to meditation you will feel good. :). Just Breath in and breath out ."Cant explain in words the feeling. :) I didn’t even hear words like meditation, yoga at this age. And look at her. :). Thank you so much Ms Rennu."
- Rhea Desai
(Parent Of Trupti Luktuke)
"Dear Ms. Rennu Thank you for instilling political awareness in our 8 year old. Makes me proud to say that this Christmas she is wishing for gift of humankind. She has a confidence and courage to write a letter to our new President Elect with the issue effecting her friends and their families. This is all possible because of Genius Kids and your leadership and guidance🙂 Thank you for all that your staff and you do"
- Noor Gupta
(Parent Of Aditi Agarwal)
"Hi Ms Rennu, Ms Shana and Ms Ashley, We had our parent teacher conference yesterday and she got all straight "A"'s and honor roll. Today morning Risha woke up and told me, "Amma I want you to take a picture of this page and want you to send it to Ms Rennu, Ms Shana and Ms Ashley, and do it today So here you go - see attached. Thank you so much, Laxmi"
- Risha S
(Parent Of Laxmi)
"We the parents of Shresta, would like to Thank you for the additional and special efforts put in by the Genius Kids team in sharing the pictures and videos of the kids activities at school in timely manner considering the security-related aspects as well. Thank you once again for all your efforts. We are very happy with Shresta's progress and would like to see her participating in public speaking and other competitions. Best Regards, Sri Sudha"
- Shresta Keerti
(Parent Of Sri Sudha)
"I wanted to reach out sooner, but actually had court Monday-Wednesday, so no break after the event. I can't tell you how many messages, texts, calls I have gotten about the amazing woman that gave the opening speech that touched so many! Thank you so much for all your energy, your sincere strong message, and just for being a "badass" and not holding back! Your words were truly inspiring! The ladies loved it! I loved it! I have had so many women contact me and ask if I would organize a more intimate luncheon sometime after the holidays, where they could hear you again, hear more about how you started your business, and ask questions. You really moved and touched so many of the ladies. I truly feel blessed that we have connected and can't wait to further develop this friendship! Once again, thank you for stepping up. Please keep in touch. Nila."
- General
(Parent Of From Nila Duggla - Dare to Dream 2016)
"Genius Kids will always be the most special school for Mikail in his life. It was the very first school he ever attended and the very first time he spent time outside his home without parents or grandma being around. All the staff and teachers have taken great care of him. He loves his school and truly going to miss it. Everyday on his way to school he says i dont want to go to new school i want to stay at GK. Thanks for all the support and being so cooperative. Wish you all the best for future and keep in touch."
- Mikail Kazi
(Parent Of Maryam Kazi)
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