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"We have also observed the changes in her regarding public speaking. Sense of humor is also developed in her. We liked the summer camp at Genius Kids which is creating all round development in children like fun learning in cooking, general knowledge and the news around the world, riddles, jokes. Thank you for all the effort."
- Sravya
(Parent Of Manika)
"My 3 years old son started Genius Kids Newark Campus knowing basic colors, letters and numbers. Six months later he started to write his full name and developed fine motor skills. His teacher Ms. Laura is so wonderful. The classroom is very colorful with lot of paintings, books, crafts, dress-up cloths; and warm, loving teachers who share music, stories, etc. My son always has a good time. We receive progressive reports and a weekly booklet every Friday with his school work for that particular week. We love to watch his public speaking videos. He even participated in a group dance in the Sprig-Fest Music Show 2014, which was a big event Genius Kids host and present annually. My son will be attending Transitional Kindergarten in this fall, and we are very confident that the foundation for self-motivation, socialization and the reading and writing skills he so far achieved at Genius Kids will prepare him for the public school environment. Thank you GK."
- Thaya
(Parent Of Vihaan)
"Phil started attending Genius Kids late Feb 2014, and he immediately started enjoying the learning atmosphere and interacting with his friends. The biggest feature that separates Genius Kids from other preschools is its on-stage speech every Friday, this has really helped him build confidence in front of audience, though he still needs some improvements on direct eye contacts and speaking with full sentences and more clearly. If not for him going to local kindergarten this Aug, we would love to stay at Genius Kids longer. Thanks to the teaching staff at Genius Kids Newark Campus."
- Jacky Tian
(Parent Of Phil)
"Anaya got promoted to first grade today. And I think the credit goes to you Ms Sheena! Thanks for your help and support with Anaya. I would definitely want to bring her in for some private lessons with you whenever she has breaks from school so she stays on track."
- Jasmine and Harvey Bath
(Parent Of Anaya Bath)
"Thanks for lovely picture and building extremely strong foundation during early childhood of Rahul. You have played very big role in Rahul's growth which we acknowledge whole heartedly."
- Vivek and Hema Mistry
(Parent Of Rahul Mistry)
"Myself, Deepthi and Dhruv would like to thank you very much for the time Dhruv spent at genius kids. Dhruv really enjoyed his time and liked the school very much. I am pretty sure Dhruv will come back to genius kids for after school hours in the future."
- Sandeep and Deepthi Mandala
(Parent Of Dhruv Mandala)
"I do not know what I would do if I had never walked through the doors of Genius Kids when I was searching for a learning center for my son. When I first brought my oldest son to GK, he had been in kindergarten a few weeks and had never attended a formal preschool. He did not know as much academically as he should have when he first started school. He was so behind that he would come home crying that he didn't understand or know as much as the other kids in class. After I enrolled him at GK, he was up to speed halfway through the school year, and ahead of the class by the end of the year. Now he is 7 years old, in second grade and is reading 97 words per minute compared to an average of 72 in his classroom. He is at the top of his class academically - in math, writing, science. When I saw what GK did for my oldest son, I decided to put my youngest son in and it really paid off. My 5 year old son is also at the top of his class and ahead of the game. I couldn't have done it without the GK program especially since I work 50+ hours a week. Both of my boys have been going to Genius Kids for years. The facilities are clean and bright and conveniently located. Ms. Deanna was one of my kids' favorites - she is sweet and nurturing and knowledgeable! Al the staff are all very friendly and knowledgeable, remember who's mommy I am, are excited to see my kids, and assist in overcoming any challenges that may arise with their learning processes whether it is at their facility or at school. Miss Rennu is great too- very professional, polished, nurturing, understanding. She is prompt and knowledgeable in answering any questions I have, and has a great sense of humor. If you are looking for a great place for your child you can stop looking. Genius Kids truly the best and I am so grateful my kids are with them. Katherine Reese"
- Katherine Reese
(Parent Of Joshua and James Umbarger)
"Dear Ms Rennu, I really appreciate the Genius kids staff to strengthen Rudra's communication and public speaking skill. He loved to come to school and was always happy. When we moved to CA our first concern was his school and we met the right person and that was you. Thank you Rupali Ruthiya"
- Rupali Ruthiya
(Parent Of Rudra Ruthiya)
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