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"Tomorrow is Vikram's last day at Genius Kids. We just wanted to thank you for everything and for making Vikram's entry into the school-environment a very pleasant and enjoyable experience. He settled down very well at TOTO station thanks to the care shown by the teachers and staff members. He was very eager to go to school every day and we could see that he was very happy there. Thanks once again. With regards."
- Sudha and Vijay Triplicane
(Parent Of Vikram Triplicane)
"Kudos to all Yash’s teachers from toddler days till today for this phenomenal achievement. Ms Renu, thanks so much for all the support and encouragement. Ms. Meena is doing a great job working with him. Yash scored close to 3rd grade on academics (2.8-3.4) They check the IQ/academics at school and they ranked him really high."
- Sonu and Sunil Kilam
(Parent Of Yash Kilam)
"I wanted to thank Ms. Rennu, Ms. Deepa and all supporting staff who has taken excellent care of Sehar. In less than 6 months we can see tremendous difference in her learning abilities and most importantly her confidence. I cannot believe that in such a short time she learnt things which her sister could not do in her Kindergarten that too after 2 years of Preschool. It's attributed to the excellent curriculum and thoughtful programs. The main difference is 'Public Speaking' program which boost her confidence to stand up and speak. I truly believe that Genius Kids has laid out a very strong foundation for her to do well in her higher grades. She is biggest fan of Ms. Rennu. Thanks for making a difference to her life and many others"
- Smitha Srivastava
(Parent Of Sehar Srivastava)
"My son Anurag loves GK and his teacher Ms.Ruby. Anurag has learnt a lot during his short stay at GK. I have no words to describe his love and affection for his teacher Ms.Ruby. Although it has been almost a month since he moved out from this school, not a single day passes without him asking for Ms.Ruby. We still love our son to go to GK but we are located too far from this school"
- Rakshana
(Parent Of Anurag)
"I would like to take this opportunity and Thank you all for taking care of him and giving him the support, discipline and most of all the Love and care to make him feel at home. He always complains if I go early and pick him up at GK :) that shows how much he loves to be there. A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO MISS. ASHLEY, Ishan's most favourite teacher in the world (in his words :) ). Thank you very much for treating him like your little brother and being his support during his rought times and giving him the right values. Thank you very much for all your support Miss.Ashley. We highly appreciate it!! Please let us know when you open a new center in Dublin. We would be happy to send Ishan there."
- Sunita Challakonda
(Parent Of Ishaan Challakonda)
"Genius Kids has been doing an amazing job in ever expanding their curriculum and programs to suit kids of all ages. Kudos to Ms. Rennu and team for being so creative and innovative in offering a variety of programs and working with kids to make it so easy to have fun while learning. We feel very strongly that Ms. Rennu, her family and the Genius Kids staff are making such a big difference in every genius kid's educational life with the best thought-out and planned programs. Both Rahul and Abhinav felt very challenged involved and had lots of fun with the Public Speaking programs. As Rahul puts it - "Public speaking is not just talking; it is about building character..." With the very good guidance and opportunities, the Genius Kids curriculum has helped Rahul to participate in many Public Speaking competitions and aided him to even stand out at his school with high confidence and fluency. Every kid is different and it was a pleasure to see even Abhinav start participating in Public Speaking competition, when he was just 3 years old, thanks to Genius Kids! Wishing Ms. Rennu, her family and the Genius kids staff the very best in continuing to evolve higher levels of innovative curriculum and program."
- Prashant and Vaishali Joshi
(Parent Of Rahul and Abhinav Joshi)
"I was seeing all the videos you put up from your Shining star competition and was simply blown away - such talented kids - super impressive - GREAT JOB. I also wanted to tell you that the public speaking class we put Shreya in last year along with the opportunity at the Gandhi Jayanthi event in Milpitas are all helping Shreya immensely - Shreya has a 'speech' class in Challenger since she was in Kindergarten where she did okay but we have personally observed that since she went to the public speaking classes at Genius Kids she has been scoring really high in her speech - i mean consistently she has been getting 100% - the lowest we saw was 98% - i asked her how come she is scoring so high now than before where she was in late 80s and she said - mom, I keep remembering the little pointers my teacher Miss Kimberly used to give me in the class - so THANK YOU so much for offering these classes - they are definitely build to improve a kids performance - something so rarely offered by anyone else - this is definitely your competitive advantage - no one can touch your public speaking course - kudos on creating it."
- Madhuri Karanam
(Parent Of Shreya)
"Thanks a ton for the encouragement Ms.Rennu. All of us (kids and us) love participating in the events you organize. The breadth of talent amongst kids is really great to see – singing, dancing, painting, public speaking, piano, hula hoops, gymnastics etc. Again thanks a lot for organizing a great event, it was fun and educational to watch and be part of!"
- Krish Viitaldevara
(Parent Of Agastya and Anagha)
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