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Genius Kids - Award Winning Accelerated Learning Franchise

"The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled." – Plutarch
At Genius Kids, we believe that education and learning is a lifetime journey. Education is not about learning facts but about learning how to think confidently and being able to express creatively without fear. It is about learning to act with purpose to make good choices. Education is a lifelong process and Genius Kids makes it fun, exciting and enriching by equipping the child with critical life skills of confidence, communication and love for learning, incorporating smart board interactive technology and public speaking.

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Importance of Public Speaking

What makes Genius Kids unique is our mission to develop leadership and communication skills in all our graduates. At Genius Kids, public speaking and speaking on the microphone starts right from the time your lil’ genius can walk. Our simple easy “Win With Words” learning recipes developed by Rennu Dhillon, introduces children to easy ways to overcome shyness, develop conversational skills, communication and confidence.

We believe that practicing and incorporating public speaking at a young age helps children overcome this fear, as the microphone and presentations become second nature to them.

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Latest Testimonials
"My 3 years old son started Genius Kids Newark Campus knowing basic colors, letters and numbers. Six months later he started to write his full name and developed fine motor skills. His teacher Ms. Laura is so wonderful. The classroom is very colorful with lot of paintings, books, crafts, dr.."

- Thaya
(Parent Of Vihaan)